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MINI Battery Chargers

MINI Battery Chargers

Our daily activities and routines have changed drastically during these times with working from home/remote work to online school and even relying more on deliveries. With these adjustments, our driving habits have also been impacted. As your driving may have reduced for the time being and remains off longer, you may notice that your battery is depleting quicker. This is because it requires power to support the electronic systems and normally your battery will recharge when you drive.


As an alternative way to prevent battery drainage, we recommend the MINI Battery Charger to maintain the vehicle voltage and prevent damage and premature wear to your battery. It can be used for charging batteries from 1.2 Ah – 160 Ah, diagnosing batteries, and charging of 12 Volt AGM, along with lead-acid and lithium ion batteries.



  • Offers fully-automatic 8-stage charging with current of up to 5 Amp/car
  • Under-Voltage Protection (UVP) closes battery separator switch of heavily discharged lithium ion batteries
  • Recognizes weakened batteries from age
  • Patented desulphurization technology prolongs battery’s performance and increases life
  • Dust & splash water protection
  • Includes charging clips & storage bag for easy storage

To purchase your MINI Battery Charger, visit MINI Toronto's Parts Boutique located at 20 Sunlight Park Road, Toronto ON or call us at 416-623-6464. For a parts request, click the button below. 
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