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MINI Winter Check-Up Inspection + Oil Change

MINI Winter Check-Up Inspection + Oil Change

No matter how old your MINI is, you'll always feel confident putting it in the hands of someone who knows it best- your MINI Downtown Certified Technician. With your winter MINI Check up Inspection, your vehicle will be covered for many essential service needs and you can rest assure that your MINI will be fit to take on the winter season. What can you expect with your Winter MINI Check-up Inspection?

Engine, transmission, alignment, and braking performance.

Seat belts, horn, A/C, central locking, and dash controls.

Tires, suspension, exhaust, and transmission systems.

Doors, lighting, and windshield components.

Air filter, belts, hoses, battery, and radiator components.

Our MINI Downtown certified technicians use premium synthetic oil, and original MINI filters to conduct a multi-point inspection of vitals like your brakes, belts, air filter and tire wear.

Performing your winter maintenance is the best way to ensure your MINI is safe and protected for your winter excursions!
To book an appointment for your Winter MINI Check up Inspection, call us at (416) 623-6464 or click the button below for a Service request. 
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