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Front & Rear Brake Service : $299

Front & Rear Brake Service : $299

With the winter season comes extreme weather conditions such as rain, snow and ice. Is your MINI ready to make the stop? 

From all of the parts in your vehicle to maintain, your brakes are likely one of the most crucial, as having compromised brakes means sacrificing safety for you and those driving near you. There are many aspects to your braking system that need care in order for you to stop safety, including brake fluid, brake pads, rotors, and calipers. 

Brake Change Indicators

  • Car struggles/takes longer to come to a complete stop
  • Brakes start to squeal regularly. Often one of the first signs of worn brake pads and is caused by a metallic piece built into brake pads for this exact purpose. This part contacts the brake rotor to make a squealing or whining noise when the pads are low.
  • Brake pedal feels soft or low when it should feel firm
  • There's loud screeching or heavy grinding sounds when braking. If not addressed early enough, your brake pads may get so worn that the metal backing plate of the pad grinds against the metal rotor.

To book a Service appointment at MINI Toronto, call us at 416-623-6464 or click the button below for a Service request. 
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