Tire  Balance & Rotation: $159.95

Tire Balance & Rotation: $159.95

Have your MINI winter ready with a Tire Balance and Rotation service at MINI Toronto for $159.95! This service will not only prolong your MINI's components, but will provide for a safer, smoother ride.

Balanced tires can be the difference between a good or bad driving experience, especially during the winter season. Some MINI vehicles (and drivers) are more sensitive to an out of balance tire than others- but no one is happy with a vibration. This usually becomes noticeable around 65 to 75 km/h and increases as your speed increases.

Tire Balancing Benefits:
  • better ride quality
  • increase the life of your tires
  • increase life of bearings, shocks, and other suspension components
  • prevents vibration caused by speed

Tire rotation is another key factor to ensuring that each of your four tires is getting equal driving treatment. It is recommended to have your tires rotated approximately every 10,000km, or when you come in for an oil change, to maintain the health of your tires.

Tire Rotation Benefits:
  • last longer as thread life is maximized
  • prevents uneven wear and tear when driving
  • helps with traction and handling, improves stopping distances due to better grip
  • will be ready to change around a similar time
  • allows for a safer overall vehicle when driving, regardless of weather condition
  • increased fuel economy

To book an appointment call us at 416-623-6464 or click the button below for a service request. 
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