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4 Wheel Alignment: $169.95

4 Wheel Alignment: $169.95

The year 2020 has taken quite a toll, but your MINI shouldn`t. Protect your tires from speedbumps, potholes, and other hazards of the road that can impact your MINI`s suspension and handling. Getting a Wheel Alignment will result in a more seamless drive and provide better control while steering in your MINI.

4 Wheel Alignment Includes:
  • Inspection of suspension, steering components, and tires.
  • Checking and correction of all adjustable angles as required.

Benefits of a 4 Wheel Alignment?
  • Safer Motoring and Better Handling;  Many handling problems can be corrected with a 4 Wheel Alignment service. Road shock is more efficiently absorbed when all vehicle components are aligned properly, resulting in a smoother and safer ride. 
  • Increase Fuel Efficiency: When your MINI isn't aligned correctly, your wheels aren't working together the way they should. As a result, your MINI's engine has to work harder to propel you forward and this reduces your car's fuel efficiency. 
  • Increase Tire Life: When your tires are aligned they are working in harmony together, allowing you to travel further and avoid buying new tires sooner than you need to. 

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