The Benefits of Summer Tires


As the seasons start to change in Toronto, so should our tires. While some of us may not want to pay the extra amount or put in the extra effort, changing our tires to match the correct seasons are important for both performance and safety. It makes all the difference in the world, and the changes are more than noticeable. So what exactly are the benefits of driving with summer tires in the warmer weather? Let us here at MINI Toronto explain why! We made a comprehensive list of reasons you should switch to summer tires and make the best out of your MINI vehicle.

1. Better Traction & Grip

While winter tires were also designed with better traction and grip in mind, that’s only for snow and ice. They’re designed to be sticky and flexible in the cold, but the summer heat makes it difficult for you to handle your vehicle properly, much like how summer tires freeze up during the winter and make braking and handling nearly impossible. So just like how the rubber in winter tires are soft enough to grip the snow, the rubber compounds in summer tires are hard enough to increase responsiveness, cornering, and braking in warm weather.

2. Decreased Deterioration

Once the weather begins to warm up higher than 7-degrees Celsius, your winter tires are more prone to deterioration compared to driving in the winter. When the sipes and tread blocks come into contact with pavement that’s warm and dry, the heat created by the tire’s rubber compress and there’s nothing to cool down the friction. Summer tires were made to handle the increased friction and heat, so it’s best to stow the winter ones away so you can keep using them next season.

3. Improved Performance

Are you trying to save money on gas as well? One thing most people don’t know is that switching to summer tires for the spring also increases the fuel consumption of your vehicle. During the summer months, the increased grip and traction from summer tires help you use less gas by increasing the distance your vehicle travels so you don’t have to press the gas pedal as often. The amount of money you spend on tire switches will be more compared to the money you’ll be saving on gas by the end of the summer.

4. Effective Hydroplaning Prevention

For the uninitiated, hydroplaning refers to the loss of steering or braking due to the excess water on the road. Summer tires are really effective at preventing hydroplaning because they feature grooves in the tread that channel water and help the tire drive through wet conditions. While the grooves in winter tires also push water out, they’re much thicker than summer tires because the grooves were made to push thicker elements out of the tires such as snow and sleet.

This was just a quick look at the reasons why you should switch to summer tires after the winter. Luckily, we here at MINI Toronto we offer summer tires for sale, and we’ll even switch them out for you if you need. Just come to our dealership or book an appointment with our service department ahead of time!

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